Each type of leather has its own characteristics. Here is a quick overview:

Cow hide

A strong and hardwearing leather for bags. Usually too heavy for clothing


A Nordic leather with a very fine structure as a result of arctic conditions. Lightweight but not very resistant to abrasion. There are very few sources of vegetable-tanned skins. We work together with a tanner on the Finnish-Swedish border.


A perfect alternative. Hardwearing but at the same time lightweight. The thinness of the raw skins make them unsuitable for mass production and yet ideal for our custom tailored products.


Deer (and sometimes we get doe as well) is very soft and very comfortable to wear. It's a bit heavier, not quite so heavy duty and yet very tear-resistant.

Samish Deer

The king of leathers and the highest art of tannery. For this expensive and complex process only the best skins are used. Saemisch tanning takes a year and results in an unbeatably stable and strong leather which is nonetheless soft and very warm.